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Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack (CL110)

The RedHat OpenStack Administration I (CL110) is designed for administrators who are intending to implement a cloud computing environment using Redhat Openstack Platform.

Course overview

This course will teach students to install proof-of-concept,configure,use,and maintain Redhat Openstack Platform.
Launch on instance using the Harizon dashboard
Manage project,quotas,and users
Manage networks,subnet,routers and floating ip addresses using the Harizon dashboard
Manage the Keystone identity service using the unified command-line interface
Manage instance using the command-line interface
Deploy Redhat OpenStack platform using packstack


Red Hat Certified System Administrator(RHCSA)in RedHat Expertise Linux Certification or equivalent experience
For candidates that have not earned their RHCSA, confirmation for the correct skill set knowladge can be obtained by passing the online skill assessments
Length: 3 Hours

Outline for this course

Introduce and review the course
Launch an instance and describe the terminology and services used in openstack
Manage projects and users using the Horizon
Manage projects quotas using the Horizon
Manage flavors using Horizon
Manage images using Horizon
Manage networks using Horizon
Manage floating ip addresses
Manage floating ip addresses using Horizon
Manage block storage using Horizon
Manage security and access to instances using Horizon
Manage instances using Horizon
Install an openstack proof of concept using packstack
Manage the keystone identity service using the command-line interface
prepare to launch instances and manage instances using command-line interface
Manage instances using the command-line interface
Manage block storage using command-line interface
Review tasks in Redhat OpenStack Administrator I Course